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Reflow Profiling Management

MVP Reflow Profile Check Tool

Shawn Hailstone - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spot checking your reflow profile without sacrificing a PCB

Program the KIC MVP™ fixture by running a single profile on your PCB. Subsequent profile runs only require the use of the MVP fixture without the production board. The single programming run eliminates the need to sacrifice your PCB.

The reflow profile from the fixture matches the reflow profile on the PCB

Profiling fixtures designed to periodically check changes in the reflow oven have been used for many years. The difficulty has always been in relating the data from a fixture to what is actually happening on the production boards. KIC’s patented sensor technology enables the fixture to provide profile measurements that accurately represent the relevant PCB. Simply attach TCs to the critical components on the PCB and clip it onto the MVP for an initial programming run. Subsequent profile runs with the MVP fixture no longer require the use of the PCB, yet the MVP will accurately measure the profile on the production board. The profile displayed by the fixture is the same profile that the PCB would have experienced in the oven at that time.
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