KIC MVP Reflow Oven Profile Checker


It is now possible to run your profile with your own board and then check your reflow ovens periodically (without a board) with the MVP tool. Changes are instantly displayed and the easily recognizable PWI let's you know the status of your process.

With the MVP profile fixture you can view changes in your reflow oven and determine how those changes affect the profile of your production boards.

The MVP profile fixture represents the profile on your actual PCBs.

The KIC MVP uses embedded sensor technologies that accurately measure the profile of an individual PCB without the need to use the actual PCB beyond the initial program run. With the MVP, there is no second guessing how the changes observed in the oven environment will affect the profile on the production board.

Changes are instantly displayed on a profile graph, along with a single number that tells the operator whether the profile is in spec. Best of all, when the MVP detects an out-of-spec situation, the KIC Navigator software will inform the technician how to adjust the oven in order to achieve an in-spec process and quickly resume production. The MVP works with KIC’s award winning SlimKIC and KIC Explorer thermal profilers.

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