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  • PD000071
    Dotliner 07.6 Fluid Dispensor
    Dispensing Equipment for Small Batches and Rework

    The MARTIN Rework Dispenser 07.6 allows processing of all types of components such as QFP’s, BGA’s, CSP’s and QFN’s.

    The Easy Dispense software provides a simple solution to creating accurate repeatable dispense patterns for all common components.

    Any dispensing programs not contained in the comprehensive program library can easily be established using CamDesigner or the editor.
  • SD060102
    Smart Dispense 06 Set DP 5
    A professional electronic dispenser for manual applications that requires accuracy and repeatability.

    Dispensing recipes are created to store the application parameters and the dispensing pressure and optionally, the nozzle temperature, are automatically set, specified by the selected recipe.

    The cartridge temperature is monitored which allows the fluid dispenser control unit to compensates viscosity - dependent on the material and temperature which determines the optimum parameters to guarantee a stable dispensing result.

    The dispensing recipes are easily adjusted for new materials and applications, providing maximum process control.

    Temperature insulated dispensing pens are available for common cartridge sizes to avoid the material heating when help by an operator.

    An optional integrated nozzle heater inside the dispensing pen is available for high viscous material viscosity.

    Formation of drops on the dispensing needle is avoided by means of manual retain vacuum.