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  • OP-109 012-F
    Optilia FreeSight M30x-FULL HD Inspection Camera system
    The M30x-FULL HD FreeSight offers a solution for high quality inspection of Electronic PCBs, components, assemblies and for any application where a magnified image is required as part of the inspection process.

    The M30x-FULL HD inspection systems combine 30x optical zoom, fast auto-focusing and a highly sensitive 1080i High Definition sensor. A live image delivers real-time inspection which makes the M30x-FULL HD perfect for micro-assembly, soldering and rework applications.

    The FreeSight inspection camera has a unique ergonomic design, extending the working height of the camera to 500mm and with the monitor positioned directly in front of the user they will have a completely unrestricted view and a free working area. Good operator comfort and ease of inspection will increase concentration levels, essential for high quality inspection.

    A simple control pad offers zoom (with user settable zoom levels), auto/manual focus switching, brightness control, picture freeze feature and image adjustment (normal/warm/cool).