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  • FT0099
    Beauty Line Exclusive No.1 inc Extraction Arm 1M + NL Nozzle

    Nail salon filter system with flexible extraction arm and a capturing nozzle.

    The nail salon filter system filters the air from acrylics vapor and
    nail dust in the nail salon.

    Nail Dust Filter - Acrylics Filter This nail salon filter system, filters
    the air from dangerous vapors and particles produced in nail salons.

    The filter system protects nail salon technicians from acrylics vapor.
    The  acrylic vapor is invisible, but causes most health hazards and are
    efficiently caught by the acrylics vapor filter and nail dust filter, the
    separation degree is 99,97%.

    The main gas filter will need to be changed after 500 hours of use.

    Replacement Filters

    FT1026 Beauty Line Exclusive Replacement Filter
    FT1027 Beauty Line Exclusive Replacement Pre Filter Bags
  • FT1015
    Beauty Line Exclusive On/Off Remote Control
    Beauty Line Exclusive On/Off Remote Control