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    Name:Optilia EasyView M30x-FULL HD Inspection Camera system
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    The M30x-FULL HD EasyView offers a solution for high quality inspection of Electronic PCBs, components, assemblies and for any application where a magnified image is required as part of the inspection process.

    The M30x-FULL HD inspection systems combine 30x optical zoom, fast auto-focusing and a highly sensitive 1080i High Definition sensor. A live image delivers real-time inspection which makes the M30x-FULL HD perfect for micro-assembly, soldering and rework applications.

    The EasyView inspection camera has a 250mm working height and offers a cost effective solution for applications requiring a higher level of magnification (up to x55 as standard). Additional lenses can be added to increase the magnification up to x200.

    All HD camera systems offer greatly improved ergonomics over traditional stereo microscopes and other viewers. Good operator comfort and ease of inspection will increase concentration levels, essential for high quality inspection.

    A simple control pad offers zoom (with user settable zoom levels), auto/manual focus switching, brightness control, picture freeze feature and image adjustment (normal/warm/cool).


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    What’s Included

    This offer is for a Mini Oven 04S only (BLUE Version), reballing
    tools , solder balls and other fixtures are not included.
    Optional ECO Reball SET available for £650.00 (ex-demo)

    The MINIOVEN 04 is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, from prebumping small QFNs to BGA reballing.

    An extensive selection of stencils and masks for almost any standard chip and a design and manufacture service ensures you are supplied with the stencils and masks for all your applications.
    This allows for all your BGA reballing and QFN prebumping needs.

    Download special offer flyer

    This offer is valid for ONE Ex-Demo BGA reballing system
    once sold the offer will be withdrawn