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Whilst we offer great experience in delivering products that improve our customers’ production process, yield and quality we can only continue to do this if we have access to the highest quality products from the most innovative manufacturers in the world.

Link Hamson are proud to have several such long established supplier relationships with key technology leaders.
This benefits us and our customers in many ways:-

Working closely with our suppliers over many years enables us to attain a high level of product knowledge and process experience, which we in turn can pass on to our customers.

It offers a stable, long-standing supply route, giving you the confidence that you only need to deal with one supplier over the lifetime of the products you purchase.

Long term supplier commitments enable us to offer many of our most popular products from stock, reducing our delivery times and making it less critical for our customers to hold large stocks.

Our key suppliers are:-

Unbeatable efficiency for SMT and semiconductor cleaning processes

As a worldwide leading manufacturer of chemical products, KIWO offers efficient solutions forSMT and semiconductor cleaning  - the KIWOCLEAN® EL series:

· SMD stencils
· Misprinted PCB
· Soldering frames and condensate traps
· Soldering Equipment
· Stencil-underside
· Pre-wetted wipes
· Board cleaners
· Defluxing


Full HD Inspection systems
High magnification digital microscopes

Automated Inspection Systems for SMT & THT components



Innovative thermal profiling and monitoring solutions for the reflow and wave solder processes



Unique and very quiet mobile filter systems to remove solder and other fumes created in the electronics production process


Our longest established supplier providing component preforming, counting, MSD dry store and PCB storage solutions


Advanced range of semi-automated rework machines, hybrid under-board heaters, BGA reballing solutions and solder paste/fluid dispensing systems



Quality Lead-free solder paste, solder wire and solder balls products


High quality ESD benches, chairs, furniture and storage solutions