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    Name:Green Polyimide 1mil
    Code:Material 748
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    Thermal Transfer Polyimide labels, applied to the PCB at the start of the board production are high temperature labels which will survive the PCB manufacturing process.

    The PCB barcode label data is scanned for use with manufacturing information systems for traceability.

    Programmed components also use Polyimide labels.

    Check your printer compatibility
    Our thermal transfer high temperature labels are very durable, the print quality not effected by the high temperatures or cleaning during manufacturing.

    The print durability depends mainly on the thermal transfer ribbon, our RHT40 ribbon is economical suitable for most processes.

    See our ribbon application guide for more information or contact us for advice.

    Ribbon Application Guide


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    Resolution: 305 dpi (12 dots/mm)
    Print speed: up to 8" (203.2 mm) per second
    Print method: direct thermal/thermal transfer
    Print width: 4.1" (104 mm)

    Media & Ribbon Characteristics


     Media Specifications
       Ribbon Specifications
    A Min 

     A Max
       E Max 81.3mm
     B Max  220mm
      F Min
    C Min
      F Max 
    C Max

    Wind Direction 
    In or Out
     Wind Direction
     In or Out

    Thermal Transfer Labels Printing Service
    Label Printing Service

    If it’s only one or two labels you require or a run of 10,000 we can print your labels for you.

    When starting a new project it can be difficult to justify a roll of 5k or 10k of labels when you may only need 100 labels for you first prototype or production batch.

    Thermal Transfer printing may be a new requirement for you so you may need labels printing as your project does not or has not yet justified investing in your own printer.

    What ever your reason for needing a thermal transfer label printing service, we can provide this, including the selection of the label size, label material, ribbon durability type and label graphics design.

    So if you have a label you need in a hurry, contact our team supplying the label size, application, quantity required and label graphic design and we shall quote you a price and lead time for the print job .

    Label Graphic Design

    We can design and print labels for many applications to include your company logo, custom graphics, serial No’s and barcodes, in colours of you choosing.

    Either supply your own design with specific requirements for you label or supply the information you need on the label and we can design the label for you.

    Barcode Labels

    If you require barcode labels we will manage your barcode printing for you, ensuring you never have a duplicate barcode label.

    The printed barcode label can contain only the barcode or barcode with the human readable serial number.

    Most barcode Symbologys are supported, depending on your requirements and the size of the label.

    We can print durable thermal transfer barcode labels for all environments.
    See more information on our PCB Barcode serial number printing service here.

    Name Plate Labels

    Design your own personalised name plate to identify your equipment. We can print a variety of information such as barcode/serial numbers and company logo.

    It is your label, your design, contact us now for a quote.