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    Name:Component Dry Storage Cabinet
    Code:200 ltr - 1280 ltr (baking)
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    Dry Storage Cabinet

    The GHIBLI II component dry storage cabinets create a low humidity storage environment for MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices).

    These component dry storage cabinets comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 and are also ESD compliant.

    Each cabinet is supplied with a portable humidity/temperature meter DryLogger with datalogging function.

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    SMD Reel Storage Trolley
    Reel Storage Trolley ESD trolley with SMT reel racks for electronics component transport and storage.

    The basic unit consists of 3 supports for reel racks and a lower shelf .

    The perforated lower rail prevents dust build-up.

    The reel supports and lower shelf can be adjusted by allen-key Frames, reel supports and lower shelf are of semi-conductive epoxy powder coated steel in grey ( RAL 7045) 4 conductive swivel castors Ø 125 mm with brakes

     Load capacities: 50 kg/support and 200 kg/trolley.

    Overall dimensions D x L x H: 540 x 1100 x 1785 mm

    SMD Reel Storage Shelves are ordered separately




    Vacuum Heat Sealer Table Top Model 450mm ESD
    Vacuum tank sealer table model 450mm

    Vacuum tank sealers are professional and automatically operated models, with degree of vacuum set on the front panel by the operator.
    All vacuum tank models are available with an optional "Inert Gas Injection".

    All models have a diffusion Oil Bath Pump.

    All table models have a stainless steel construction.
    Zinc Plated with Dividers
    SMD Reel Storage Rack Zinc Plated

    Zinc plated spool rack, with movable dividers, to lay over tables or inside lockers.

    Reels from 180 to 330mm diameter.

    Divider for SMD Reels
    Laberack 2 column 1m rail kit
    ESD PCB Storage Racks

    Laberack is an adjustable PCB rack providing a secure method for storage and handling of mounted PCBs or LABEFIX trays.

    The aluminium rails allows adjustment of the PCB rack to suit the PCB.
    The rails are available in 0.5m, 1m or 2m lengths and can be cut down to form specific custom racks.

    This 2 column 1m rail kit comprises of:

    4 x LB0210 Laberack Aluminium Connecting Rail 1m
    2 x LB4007 Laberack Sidewall
    1 x LB4017 Laberack Intermediate Wall

    Each side wall has slots for PCBs on one side of the wall, the other side has strengthening bars and acts as the outer side of the Rack.
    Aluminium rails, 4 per rack, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom are slotted into the side walls and secured with nuts and bolts.

    It is possible to create more columns using an intermediate wall which has slots for PCBs on both sides.
    (The required set of nuts and bolts are supplied with each kit or with each side wall or intermediate wall if purchased separately)