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  • A selection of cleaning wipes
    KIWO CleanWipes EL
    Abrasion-resistant and lint-free wipes for all
    kinds of application in the field of SMD electronic

    IPA wipes and water based wipes are available.

    Convenient handling
    Ready to use immediately
    A range of wipes for every application
    Lint free wipes

  • A selection of PCB cleaning solutions
    High quality flux residue removal.

    Efficient removal of flux residue from all types of process.

    KIWOCLEAN EL board cleaners have low odour with high flux loading capacity, an economical PCB cleaning solution.
  • Ready to use supplied in 5l or 25l
    KIWOCLEAN EL Stencil Cleaner
    Low-cost cleaning of SMD stencils—ready-to-use or concentrate

    Lower overall costs through short process times and long bath life

    Water-based and biologically degradable

    Hazard-free for highest product and work safety

    No flashpoint—saves explosion protection measures

    High cleaning power, adjusted to be lightly alkaline

    Mild odour
  • Available in 1L, 5L or 25L containers
    KIWOCLEAN EL Under Stencil Cleaner
    Low-odour and optimised for drying — stencil
    underside cleaning in the screen printer

    Effective cleaning action
    Good drying properties
    Optimum wetting properties
    Effective prevention of bridge-building
    Biologically degradable
  • Available in box of 12, refills or 25L can
    KIWOCLEAN EL Maintenance Spray Cleaner
    Water-based and alkaline maintenance cleaner for manual cleaning of:

    reflow ovens
    wave soldering units
    condensation solder systems
    selective solder systems
    solder frames / carrier

    This newly developed and widely used product effectively removes colophony, fluxing agents and degassing residue from printed circuit boards without attacking surfaces.

    Spray KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 onto the surface and leave to react for a short while, then remove with a cleaning tissue.

    Rinsing is not normally required.
  • EL9230MC
    KIWOCLEAN EL Maintenance Bath Cleaner 25L drum
    Low-odour maintenance cleaner for efficient cleaning of condensate traps, solder frames and oven parts.

    25L Drum

    low-odour formulation
    no hazardous content—non-caustic
    will not attack materials (brass, aluminium)
    low VOC content
    easily rinsed with water
    no flashpoint
  • Selection of widths or replacement pads
    Dust Removal Roller

    Dust and small particles can be removed for many surfaces using this dust removal roller.

    A hand-held device for cleaning panels, films, walls, work surfaces, glass and for under stencil cleaning.

    This dust roller is perfect for use in cleanroom environments.

    Supplied in different width rollers and a long handle for floors.
  • VD900153
    Flux Cleaning Spray
    Flux cleaning fluid supplied as a spray can.
    Spray head has threads to attach dispensing nozzles for effective cleaning.