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PCB Inspection

C12 HD PCB Inspection Cameras

Inspectis C12 PCB inspection camera is an all-in-one, reliable and cost effective high definition optical inspection system with 12:1 optical zoom, auto focus, integrated illumination and on-board controls

Solder Fume Extraction

Weller MG130

Fume extraction system with high efficiency filter. Connection for one or two arms. This fume extractor station has a very quiet operation Suited to many fume extraction

Martin Rework

Expert10.6HV Rework Station

Rework Station with 3000W Hybrid Underheater 245x275mm. Heating area is adjustable to PCB size. This system is particularly suitable for mid size and large PCBs with Fine Pitch

KIC Thermal Profiling

KIC K2 Thermal Prolfiler

The KIC SPS reflow profiler, very compact in design, supplied with thermal profiling kit and storage case. KIC's thermal profiling software

Link Labels

Polyimide Labels

Polyimide thermal transfer label materials are designed for use in high temperatures and harsh environments such as the SMT reflow and wave solder processes used in PCB assembly.

Component Counting

County S EVO Component Counter

The County-S motorised SMD Component Counter  for all taped SMD's. Variable speed control allow speedy counting of full or part used reels.